New Street Fighter V Intro Video Shows How to Play Juri

July 27, 2016Written by Jordan Biazzo

The latest Street Fighter V character to get added to the game, Juri, has recently received a brand new introduction video on how to play the character.

In the video above, the narrator shows players how to use Juri’s special ability, gives a little insight into the character, and tells players why to play as her.

Juri returns to Street Fighter V with a brand new look and some tricks up her sleeves. A trained expert in Taekwondo, Juri also possesses a ki booster called the Feng Shui Engine equipped in her left eye to aid her during battles. She focuses on flashy, fast and furious kicks, and has a wide range of ki-based attacks at her disposal. Her trademark moves are her ki-based fireball attack and pinwheel kick.

Juri should be priced at 100,000 Fight Money in-game, and $5.99/€5.99/£4.99 through the PlayStation Store. Capcom has also announced that the UK standalone release for Juri will be delayed until August 1.

Are you excited to play as Juri?

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