Titanfall 2’s New Server System Offers Minimal Latency, Protection From Interruptions

July 27, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

In their latest Inside Development video, Respawn Lead Engineer Jon Shiring discussed Titanfall 2’s new server system, which will be hosted by Multiplay.

As they explain, the Multiplay Game Services platform is “integrated with a global network of dedicated server providers as well major Cloud providers such as Google Compute Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.” For Titanfall 2, this means it will use an array of hosting technologies around the world, and players will “be well served with a powerful base-layer of dedicated servers, minimal latency and maximum capacity through Multiplay’s cloud-bursting tech.”

Multiple Cloud providers and Bare Metal Server data center locations will be deployed in each region, which are “designed to protect gamers from gameplay interruptions and to get them back online within minutes if an outage were to occur.”

Shiring talked about how they wanted Titanfall 2 to work when it launches, leading them to partner with Multiplay:

The Titanfall 2 launch is going to be bigger and better than the last game and what’s really important to me is that the game just works. We wanted to make sure we had an insane amount of scalability and reliability, so we partnered with Multiplay because they have a great deal of expertise in game server hosting and a very clever auto-scaling product that can abstract away different cloud environments that lets us focus on making games. We have been working closely with Multiplay to ensure we utilize multiple clouds as well as bare metal servers in every region our game will be on sale. Giving us more flexibility, more local datacenters, endless scalability, and the highest reliability will result in the best service we can offer to millions of players.

After adding that Respawn is obsessive about their requirements for performance and user experience, Shiring said, “We absolutely will prioritize user experience over cost.”

Titanfall 2 launches on October 28 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s a Multiplayer Tech Test happening at some point before launch, and it’s where the new server system will be tested.

[Source: Titanfall]