Free-To-Play PS4 & PSVR Shooter World War Toons Enters Open Beta on October 13

July 28, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Designed from the very beginning to take advantage of virtual reality, free-to-play PlayStation VR game World War Toons is entering open beta on October 13, Reload Studios announced. If you don’t have PSVR, a non-VR version for PlayStation 4 will enter open beta on the same day.

A cartoony multiplayer first-person shooter, World War Toons sees the Axis and Allies facing off against each other. In battle, you can choose from the Officer, Soldier, and Heavy infantry classes, and each will change your tank class in unique ways. There’s also power-ups you can pick up, ranging from radioactive waste to a rideable rocket to a piano you can drop on your enemies.

Reload Studios’ William Lewis talked about Pyramid Scheme, the newly revealed fourth level:

In this capture-the-flag type match, players will face off in ancient Egypt ruins, but with a bit of World War Toons flavor seasoned in. Instead of crossing the road for a bland old flag, you’ll flock to capture the free-range Ra Chicken and race back to your base in this first-to-three match. However, you won’t be able to just wing it and score a point. Blistering lasers, rising lava pits, and scorching fireballs will turn up the heat as you and your team fly to your coop. Oh, and don’t forget about the swinging blades. If they skewer you, they’re certain to put you in a fowl mood. Chicken pun.

Lewis added that Reload is currently planning two different control schemes for the VR version of World War Toons. In the first, you’ll find a traditional FPS two-thumbstick setup, which they only suggest for advanced players who are already familiar with VR.

In the second, you’ll have four-directional movement:

Right now we are planning on launching with two different control schemes. Our current default control scheme uses the left thumbstick in a 4 directional system as we have discovered that if you have a full 8 degree of motion players have a higher chance of simulation sickness. The right thumbstick has been replaced with your head movement. To look left, you look left, to like right, you look right, etc… In order to rotate your character in a full 180 we have introduced a mechanic that utilizes the head tracking feature. Based upon the speed that you turn your head, your character will turn at a higher rate of speed.

Will you be downloading World War Toons in October?

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