World of Final Fantasy Day One Edition Includes Bonus Summon and Japanese VO Option

Michael Briers

A bonus Sephiroth summon and the option to switch to Japanese voice-overs are some of the perks featured in the Day One Edition of World of Final Fantasy, Square Enix’s cutesy RPG that’s earmarked for launch across PS4 and PS Vita next month. 

Word hails from last weekend’s PAX West event, where Square also took the opportunity to drop a bite-sized new trailer for World of Final Fantasy. In it, we’re introduced to Lann and Reyne, the two forgetful protagonists that we’ll be following on a journey through Grymoire, a world teeming with all manner of Final Fantasy icons. 

As for that aforementioned Day One Edition, it’ll be priced at $59.99 and include the following: 

Much of that content — and more — will be bundled in the Collector’s Edition, which will be priced at $119.99 come October. 

Speaking of which, World of Final Fantasy is expected to hit PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on October 25 in North America. It’ll then expand to Japan on October 27 before arriving for those in Europe on October 28. Below, you’ll find the final box art. 

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