Gearbox Previews Battleborn’s Free Face-Off Mode Ahead of Next Week’s Launch

October 4, 2016Written by Michael Briers

Battleborn Story DLC

Face-Off is the free PvP mode bound for Gearbox’s Battleborn and in anticipation of its release on October 13, the studio has posted an introductory blog post as you prepare to hunker down to fend off the invading Varelsi.

Releasing in tandem with the shooter’s first Story Op — entitled “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” — Face-Off is essentially a 5v5 multiplayer mode, pitting two teams against one another as they scramble to collect Varelsi masks. Doing so won’t be easy, as all players are forced to dump their plundered loot in the depository to score points. It’ll take place on the Capture maps — namely Temples, Snowblind, and Outback – albeit with some key changes. Gearbox writes that there will be “up to six Varelsi spawn camps in different locations around each map. The mask depository is located near the center of each map, at frequently contested points. Private bot matches will not be available at release but may be an addition further down the line.”

You can find a comprehensive overview from Gearbox, below.

In these 15-minute, 5v5 battles you’ve got to quickly take down the Varelsi. As you drop them, they drop masks. Collect those Varelsi masks to score points. The first team to 500 wins. Sounds simple, right? Well, first you need to get those masks to the depository in the center of the map.

However, since the enemy team is trying to do the same thing, you must balance between helping your team collect masks and preventing the enemy team from doing the same thing. All the while, the unrelenting Varelsi get tougher.

Both Face-Off and “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” will launch for Battleborn users on October 13. Expect further details to emerge for the latter towards the end of the week. We already understand it’ll be priced at $4.99 as a standalone purchase, so perhaps a trailer is in the cards?

[Source: Gearbox]