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Overwatch Team Working on New Heroes and Maps

October 6, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

In a new Overwatch developer update, Game director Jeff Kaplan revealed that Blizzard is working on two new heroes for the game and up to six maps.

We are actively working on more heroes right now. One hero is very far along. It’s coming together really well. We’re play-testing it internally across the whole company, and we believe this hero will see the light of day sooner rather than later. 

The second hero is expected to be out next year.

We also have another hero prototype that we’re extremely happy with right now. This one is in very internal developer form. 

We feel like we’ve found another really great Overwatch hero that will see the light of day probably sometime next year.

As for the maps, they’re in prototype stage and Kaplan reveals that some of them may not see the light of day. “We make a lot more stuff internally on the Overwatch development team than we actually launch into the game,” he explained. He further said:

We work on maps for pre-existing modes and we have one of those that’s very far along right now, to the point where we’ve play-tested it enough where we’re putting art into that map right now.

Watch the video above for more.