Steep Closed Alpha Details Announced, Invites Being Sent Out

October 6, 2016Written by Alex Co


If you liked what you saw of Steep when Ubisoft revealed the game at E3, then you’ll be happy to know that the Steep closed alpha starts tomorrow (hopefully, you’re part of it).

Ubisoft announced the details on its official forums, and confirmed that the test phase will be under NDA (non-disclosure agreement)

We are happy to announce that our Steep Closed Alpha is taking place from October 7th until October 11th!

The Closed Alpha, accessible to a select number of participants on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, will help us gather feedback and test our online infrastructure in order to offer the best experience at launch.

This phase will host a limited number of players who remain under NDA and have already been selected from among fans who have registered on the Steep website. The content being tested is only a small portion of Steep’s massive open world that will be available at launch.

Check back here in the forums for more information about future Steep live phases!

Set for release this December 2, Steep will also have a Season Pass, but will also have free post-launch content. Don’t forget, Steep alpha players aren’t allowed to post screens, videos or impressions of it, so don’t go posting any of that unless you don’t want to be part of future Ubisoft tests.

[Source: Ubisoft forums]