Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta Trailers Hits Hard and Lets You Know What Awaits

October 10, 2016Written by Alex Co

While we already know what to expect in this weekend’s upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta, it’s now time to see how this all mixes up in action. In a trailer released by Activision, we get to see what sort of multiplayer mayhem players can expect in this year’s Call of Duty.

Watch the video above to see the all-new Combat Rigs class system, the new kinds of weaponry and even some of the new scorestreak rewards.

As to what Combat Rigs will be available, check the Payloads and Traits below.


  • Designed for a mid-range assault-style player, equip the Warfighter rig to support the team by getting fast kills, quickly getting to an objective, and always being on the offensive.


  • Claw – Powerful spread-shot weapon. Fires bullets that can ricochet around corners.
  • Combat – Focus Allows you to get double points for a limited time, getting you to that scorestreak even faster.
  • Overdrive – Gives you a speed boost.


  • Ping – Kills and assists send a ping that highlights nearby enemies.
  • Persistence – Scorestreak counts don’t reset after death, but cost more.
  • Resupply – Lethals and tacticals can be resupplied by scavenging supplies from downed foes.


  • This imposing suit is equipped with payload options designed to clear enemy threats quickly and with authority. Its focus is heavy defense and suppressive fire.


  • Steel – Dragon Heavy beam weapon that can target multiple enemies.
  • Bull – Charge Armored riot shield that destroys enemies as you charge.
  • Reactive – Armor Electromagnetically charged armor that shields you from enemy fire.


  • Infusion – When triggered, regenerates health quickly after taking damage.
  • Man-At-Arms – Heavy weapons won’t slow you down, and you start with maximum ammo.
  • Shock Wave – Slam yourself into the ground and enemies with this devastating jump.


  • A C6 Class remote-operated droid optimized for speed and close quarters combat.


  • Equalizer – Dual under-arm machine guns with built-in suppressors for close quarters combat.
  • Rewind – Rewinds your position and replenishes health and ammo.
  • Reaper – Switches you into four-legged, rapid melee combat mode.


  • Combat – Burst After each kill, gain a boost of movement speed.

  • Propulsion – Jump pack that recharges quickly and allows you to damage enemies underneath you with the blast from the jump pack.

  • Rushdown – Allows you to dash in any horizontal direction.

Don’t forget, you need to pre-order Infinite Warfare to be able to gain access to the two beta weekends (October 14 and October 21) happening this month.

Stay tuned for our Infinite Warfare beta impressions and videos later once the client’s live.