The Playroom VR Now Available For Free From the PlayStation Store in Europe

October 10, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

PlayStation VR isn’t out until October 13, but you can already download The Playroom VR for free from the PlayStation Store in Europe. A 2.1GB download, it requires PlayStation VR and the PlayStation Camera, and any of the additional players (up to four) just need a DualShock 4 to play.

The Playroom VR is still listed as coming out on October 13 in North America. When it goes live, you can grab it from the PlayStation Store by following this link.

The Playroom VR comes with six VR games, most of which are built for multiplayer. If you want to play solo though, Robots Rescue and VR Bots can be played with one player.

Here’s the details on all of the games:

  • VR Bots is a welcome lobby that places the user inside a room filled with adorable interactive robots.
  • Monster Escape is a competitive party game for up to five players (1 VR player vs 4 players on TV). The player in the PS VR headset becomes a huge monster destroying a miniature city. One to four additional players use their DualShock 4 controllers to fight the Monster in a fun and epic battle.
  • Cat and Mouse is a competitive party game for up to five players (1 VR player vs 4 players on TV). The player in the PS VR headset becomes a cat ready to pounce to protect his kitchen from the mice players controlled with the DualShock 4 on the screen.
  • Ghost House is a co-operative communication game where players must work together to clear a haunted house from the ghosts within a time limit. The player in the PS VR headset uses the DualShock 4 to shine a flashlight and shoot ghosts, which aren’t visible to him. He must rely on the players watching the TV for instructions as to where to aim and shoot.
  • WANTED! is a co-operative communication game set in the wild west, where players enter a saloon and can see several characters sitting around drinking. One of them is the bad guy, but which one?
  • Robots Rescue is a co-operative communication game, where two players (1 VR player and 1 player on TV) work together to fight their way through enemies to rescue stranded VR bots. The player in the PS VR headset takes control of a VR bot jumping, punching and using a grappling hook to rescue his lost VR Bots comrades. The TV player gets a different viewpoint on the action, flying a UFO and giving air support to the VR player.

Sony says, “At the end of every mini-game, you get to take a celebration photo. It will then appear as a slideshow in that mini-game’s title screen.” They add that both Ghost House and Wanted! include four stages each, playing games in The Playroom VR allows you to earn coins that can be used to unlock up to 60 new toys, and “there are almost no noticeable loading times” when you’re playing.

As Exophase reveals, there’s a Platinum Trophy in The Playroom VR. The Gold Trophies require you to get all the prizes in Mini Bots (playing as the VR player), reach the goal with all 20 missing VR Bots in Robots Rescue (TV player required), defeat more than 35 baddies in Endless Mode in Wanted!, clear the attic in Ghost House, and win the final battle without taking any damage in Monster Escape (playing as the VR Monster).

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