PS4 Pro Tech Analysis Presents a Detailed Overview of Sony’s Premium System

October 10, 2016Written by Michael Briers


We are, at the time of writing, little under a month out from the launch of PS4 Pro. Although given that PSVR is almost upon us, Sony’s other 2016 hardware launch has somewhat fallen onto the back-burner.

It’ll be ushered into the spotlight soon, though, if an in-depth analysis by Eurogamer is to be believed. In it, the outlet writes that Mark Cerny is set to offer up further details regarding the Pro model and, ultimately, what separates it from the standard PS4 model. The tidbit was buried in Eurogamer’s detailed overview of Sony’s mid-generation hardware refresh, one designed to showcase how the PS4 Pro achieves ultra HD.

Much digital ink has been spilled in relation to the system’s 4K capability, with Microsoft execs even going so far as to say that the internal specs of the Pro aren’t up to the task of rendering native 4K. Upscaling and checkerboard rendering are present in select Pro demos, as Eurogamer’s exhaustive report reveals.

The quality of the upscaling varies on a title by title basis, but at its best, in living room conditions, it looks close to native. The principle behind the ‘checkerboard’ scaling is pretty straightforward – a 2×2 pixel structure is extrapolated up to 4×4, apparently using new hardware built into PS4 Pro’s GPU, so there is no cost to developers.

PS4 Pro has been penciled in for release on November 10. What are your thoughts on this potential point of contention?

[Source: Eurogamer]