Sony: Leaving PSVR Plugged Into Your PS4 Won’t Impact Gameplay Performance

October 11, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Answering more PlayStation VR questions in their updated FAQ, Sony confirmed that you won’t see any performance drops when playing standard PlayStation 4 games with the PSVR headset still plugged in:

Q: Will standard PS4 games run slower if I leave the PS VR headset plugged in?

No. There is no gameplay performance penalty with leaving PS VR plugged into your PS4.

Sony previously detailed that the Processor unit assists the PS4 with 3D audio processing, HDMI cable management, Cinematic Mode, and the Social Screen TV output.

To switch between playing PSVR games and standard PS4 games, just take off the headset and press the DualShock 4’s PS button to return to the home screen, where you can then launch non-VR games. “If you wear the headset, you will see the non-VR game on a virtual screen in the PS VR’s cinematic mode,” Sony adds.

As for whether or not you need a TV to play PSVR, Sony said, “You will need a TV for certain system settings, and also for certain local multiplayer games that require other users to see content on the TV using the Social Screen feature.”

To see some of the PlayStation VR launch games, including Batman: Arkham VR and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, as well as some of the post-launch games, including Megaton Rainfall and Eagle Flight, check out the above trailer.

PlayStation VR will be available this Thursday, October 13.

[Source: PS Blog]