Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows Us Respawn’s Vision for Single-Player, Comments on Competition

October 11, 2016Written by Alex Co

In a press release, Respawn has unveiled a new Titanfall 2 trailer that focuses on the game’s single-player campaign. Titled “Vision,” the video gives us a sneak peek at Respawn’s design philosophy and what they’re aiming for in terms to the Titanfall 2’s single-player.

Today, Respawn Entertainment released the Titanfall 2 Single Player Vision Trailer, where players get their first look at how Jack Cooper and BT-7274 must combine their abilities to survive together, and sometimes apart. Bred from a team that has worked on great single player campaigns, including Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, Respawn sets the bar for a high quality campaign in Titanfall 2. Check out the video here to learn how the team developed the process of making action blocks and established the core of what Titanfall 2’s story is all about: the relationship and bond between Pilot and Titan.

In other Titanfall 2 news, Respawn has commented on the game’s rather stacked released schedule. In case you didn’t know, Titanfall 2’s release date (October 28) is sandwiched by two of the biggest first-person franchises to date, Battlefield 1 (October 21) and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (November 4). Speaking in an interview with MCV, Respawn’s Joel Emslie and Dusty Welch comments on how Titanfall 2 can co-exist with the other FPS heavyweights coming out later this year.

Joel Emslie: There’s a place in the games community for a Battlefield and a place for Titanfall 2 and a place for the other folks…We have our own distinctive personality, and that was really important. If everyone has their own thing, that makes a better environment for gamers in general. They have a lot of choose from. You may not pick one title up on day one but you may play it a month or so later. Having a unique quality to your game that people can experience just there, that’s the most important part.

Dusty Welch: I’m confident that consumers are going to play Titanfall day one, without a doubt. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, we’re going to end up having the most memorable, deepest story from our single player model. People are going to be really mesmorised by that…As a first-person shooter gamer myself, people like me are hungering and thirsting for something deeper in single player. We want something meaty, something memorable, we want to be taken back to a time when we could explore and not just walk down a hallway. That’s what Titanfall 2 has. The multiplayer is unique and has a great progression system. It’s so repeatable, learnable and balanced. It’s really rewarding and very different to something like Battlefield.

They’re different consumers, but there is some overlap. At the end of the day, I’m confident in what the team can do. I’m confident that EA, as our publisher, is going to find a way to clear the halls for Titanfall 2.

Do you agree with Emslie and Welch? Can Titanfall 2 co-exist with Battlefield and Call of Duty or is the player base not big enough for all three?

Stay tuned to our Titanfall 2 review hitting the site later this month.

[Source: MCV]