Overwatch’s Mercy Halloween Skin Getting New Voice Line Following Fan Requests

October 16, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

overwatch mercy halloween

Overwatch‘s Halloween-themed update recently went live and brought with it a cool new Witch skin for Mercy. Unfortunately for some, it didn’t come with her new voice line that she uses in Brawl mode that goes along the lines of, “My servants never die.”

A petition was subsequently launched on Battle.net, which received a lot of backing from fans wanting the change, prompting Blizzard to respond.

“I was really expecting this to be Mercy’s ultimate quote with her Witch skin, can we please please PLEASE add it? I mean it’s already recorded, they just have to make it so she says ‘My servants’ instead of ‘heroes,'” wrote user C3ck. Game Director Jeff Kaplan jumped in to succinctly answer the post with a “OK. ETA mid-Nov.”

Going by the game’s previous updates, it’s likely that the skin change will first land on PC and then on consoles.

So there you have it, folks! Wish granted!

[Source: Battle.net]