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New Horizon Zero Dawn Video Explores the Evolution of Machines, Offers First Look at “Snapmaw”

October 19, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

A new video by Guerrilla Games gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the machines we’ll encounter in the developer’s upcoming RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn. While exploring the evolution of the machines, starting with mere concepts, Guerrilla offered an exclusive reveal of the “Snapmaw,” which is described as “a huge, water based machine that bears more than a striking resembles to a giant crocodile.”

We’re also given an insight into the Shellwalker, “the busy, cantankerous workers of the machine’s ecosystem” who fiercely protect their cargo. As a post on the PlayStation blog explains:

Using photographs of fiddler crabs and pistol shrimp for inspiration, the artists then adapted how these creatures gather food, carry their shells, and protect themselves against predators in a series of sketches that gradually began to take on more of the Horizon Zero Dawn aesthetic.

For more, check out the video above, which contains footage captured from PlayStation 4 Pro.

[Source: PlayStation]