Microsoft Claims Xbox One is the Best-Selling Console in America

October 19, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

Xbox One Slim 555x328

A new Xbox One advert has appeared on YouTube and it makes some interesting statements. Titled “Xbox One: The Best-Selling Console in America,” the video actually focuses on the recently released Xbox One S, which has found success in the US over the past three months, beating PlayStation 4.

However, the title and the fine print tucked away isn’t the only interesting thing about the advert. Apparently, Xbox One is the “only” console on which you can play nearly 1,000 games and it has “over 100 exclusives.” Perhaps, folks over at Microsoft USA were counting the backward compatible titles but the UK version of the ad (same video) has different wording. It makes no mention of Xbox being the “only console” with nearly 1,000 games and it actually refers to the exclusives as “console and PC exclusives.”

Harmless marketing messages or misleading advertisement by the US team? You decide.

Sony is gearing up for the PlayStation 4 Pro‘s launch this November. It remains to be seen if the Xbox One S can keep the momentum going or not.

[Source: Xbox (US), Xbox (UK)]