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Titanfall 2 Best Titan Guide

October 21, 2016Written by Alex Co

With Titanfall 2 set to hit retail next week, shooter fans might be looking for some early tips to make sure they’ll be effective in multiplayer come launch.

Fortunately for you, YouTuber TacticalBrit has made a few Titanfall 2 videos that should help you in your quest in becoming the best Pilot. In the video above, TacticalBrit tells us who he is the Titanfall 2 best Titan. All footage from the video is from Titanfall 2’s final build, which was captured during EA’s review event for Titanfall 2 which TacticalBrit attended.

According to Tactical, the best Titanfall 2 Titan is none other than Legion, who uses a railgun, has his own shield to counter other Titans and whose core ability is “Smart Core,” which fires off his railgun with auto-aim that can be used against Titans and Pilots.

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Don’t forget to check back early next week for our Titanfall 2 review!

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