Skyrim Special Edition Mods Appearing for PS4, Here’s What to Expect

October 25, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Skyrim Special Edition isn’t out until Friday, October 28, but mods have already begun popping up for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on

Because you aren’t able to upload external assets, the number of PS4 mods available right now is much lower compared to Xbox One (10 vs 65). Additionally, certain mods such as the popular Frostfall survival mod aren’t available on PS4. The creator of that mod, PossiblyChesko, was asked on Reddit if it will be impossible to have Frostfall on PS4. “Yes, it is very much impossible. I’m as bummed as you are,” PossiblyChesko responded.

Although mods only reserve 1GB of space on PS4 (vs 5GB on Xbox One), the 10 available mods on PS4 only take up 5KB to 788KB. Here’s what to expect from each, including Point the Way, which adds road signs to several major intersections:

Point the Way

This mod’s aim is fairly simple. Road signs have been placed at several major intersections that were either lacking signs, or didn’t have enough signs to indicate the full extent of where you could travel on a road. In some cases, the smaller towns and villages aren’t even mentioned – despite Bethesda having created signs for them! Others that were pointed the wrong way or had the wrong city being represented have been fixed as well.

Scroll Crafting

Tired of having to level up all your magic skills for hours just to have some decent spells? Not to mention the amount of magicka needed for high level spells. Do you also feel like scrolls are just used to make quick coin because there’s not enough of them in the game? Well this mod changes that. With Scroll Crafting, you’ll be able to craft every scroll in the game with basic items you find throughout the world. The crafting system also features it’s own specific perk through the Enchanting skill tree!

Dovahkiin Keep

Large Castle that can hold a lot or armor and weapons with well over 100 Mannequins, allowing you to create every possible armor combination you can come up with.

Hearthfire Building Materials God Chests

Adds chests full of everything one could possibly need for building your houses in Hearthfire. Not only are building materials included, but materials for all of the trophies are included as well. DO NOT STORE ANYTHING IN THESE CHESTS. YOU WILL LOSE IT.

Dark Brotherhood Forever to Miscellaneous Quests

This does what it says on the tin. The capstone quest for the Dark Brotherhood questline, Dark Brotherhood Forever, will be listed as a miscellaneous quest in your journal. This infinitely repeatable quest is a better fit there anyway rather than as something to clog your main quest journal.

God Gear

When you simply don’t care about combat realism. Comes with 4 pieces of armor and various weapons with insane enchants.

Lore-Based Loading Screens

Adds 160+ new loading screens steeped in Tamrielic lore. Become deeper immersed in the Elder Scrolls mythos with tons of quotes from in-game books (from Skyrim and past Elder Scrolls titles), history, mythology, and little-known facts about the world of Tamriel.

Bee Hives

Ever wonder where Honningbrew Meadery gets their honey? Bet you never quite gave it much thought, figuring it had to come from somewhere. The only problem is that the sole source of honey is at Golden Glow Estate and you know Maven isn’t likely to give that up. This little mod takes care of the issue by making some room in front of the Honningbrew Boilery for 5 bee hives. That’s it. Simple.

Dawnguard Map Markers

Places map markers in the Soul Cairn and enables fast travel while on that map to any marker you’ve discovered. Adds some additional markers to the Forgotten Vale and Dayspring Canyon.

Manor Roads

A small landscaping tweak to connect Heljarchen Hall and Lakeview Manor to the nearby main roads. Nothing particularly fancy other than it not using the standard road meshes. The roads have preferred navmesh pathing so if you’re using mods that allow your spouse and/or children to travel, they’ll stick to a safe path instead of aimlessly wandering the wilderness.

As a reminder, Trophies are disabled if you load a save with mods.

Expect more mods to be added in the future for both PS4 and Xbox One.

[Source: Bethesda, Reddit via WCCFTech]