The Tomorrow Children Goes Free-to-Play Today on PS4, Update Adds New Content

October 25, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Released at the beginning of September for $20 as a paid access version, The Tomorrow Children for PlayStation 4 is going free-to-play today in North America and tomorrow in Europe, Q-Games has announced. You’ll be able to grab it from the PlayStation Store (NA, EU), alongside free items for PlayStation Plus members and a $20 Frontier Pack valued at $25 that includes the Bourgeoisie papers, Lv1. Arms License, Lv1. Tools License, EagleCorp Jetpack, three avatars, and 500 Freeman dollars.

Giving out some stats from the paid access version (as of October 14), Q-Games revealed that 1,518 towns have been restored, nearly one million Matryoshkas have been revived, and over 1.7 million Izverg have been destroyed.

Current owners of The Tomorrow Children will notice that a major update has been released to accompany the F2P version. Here’s what to expect:

We have also released a major update to the game, not only to address some of the user feedback we have been receiving but also simply to add a selection of new content to the game. We’ll be adding new islands, tools, costumes, void powers, facilities, missions and much more. The megaphone, for example, allows for improved communication and will help players cooperate better.

If you play The Tomorrow Children between October 26 and November 2, you’ll receive a free costume.

Here’s the description for The Tomorrow Children:

The Tomorrow Children is a free-to-play game that merges social and action gameplay to deliver a unique new online sandbox experience from renowned indie studio Q-Games (PixelJunk series). Mankind is on the verge of extinction, and you must cooperate with other players to build your town and defend it from monstrous invaders. Stand tall, unite with your fellow citizens, and help lead civilization back to its former glory.

To see if The Tomorrow Children is worth your time, check out our review.

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