Final Fantasy XV Features Powerful Night Monsters Called Daemons

October 28, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Final Fantasy XV Daemons

New details about Final Fantasy XV have emerged today, and they detail many of the highly anticipated RPG’s systems. One of the most interesting details was that players will battle powerful monsters called Daemons at night. Square Enix says that these foes are “impossible to defeat through ordinary means” and that players should flee until later in the game. Sounds like it’ll be really satisfying once players can finally kick some Daemon butt.

The game’s magic system was also detailed. It’ll consist of three main types: Fire, Ice and Thunder. Here’s the full description:

Fire, Ice, and Thunder make up the foundation of Final Fantasy XV‘s magic system. You can purify magic using the elements you absorb and magic bottles found all over the game world. You can also purify magic in combination with items, rather than just elements, to add recovery effects or status ailment effects to the magic when used. By mixing and purifying these three elements, the kinds of magic you’ll get when it’s put to use will significantly vary. Magic isn’t just limited to Noctis either, his comrades can also use magic.

Other than that, Square Enix also discussed how Cidney can pick the player up in locations when they’ve separated from their vehicle, and that the game has a fast travel system. Finally, several summons were discussed with an emphasis on how where they are summoned impacts their attack. For example, if Titan is summoned close to Noctis then he creates a fissure. If he’s summoned far away, he’ll throw a boulder.

That’s certainly an interesting layer of depth to add the combat, and players will get to see it in action when Final Fantasy XV releases November 29.

(Source: Gematsu)