Titanfall 2 Gets Another Server Side Update Including Bug Fixes, Here’s What It Brings

October 30, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


Folks over at Respawn Entertainment have been busy over the weekend, it seems. The team released a little server side update for Titanfall 2 across all platforms shortly after launch, and just yesterday, released another update that includes some bug fixes as well. While we’re not told exactly what bugs have been fixed (Respawn says players probably didn’t even notice them), here are the other changes that have been confirmed:

  • Titans and Pilots with active Titans will now earn XP from killing other Titans.
  • Titans now receive 1 XP per round in LTS to keep parity with other modes.

Again, this is a server side update so you won’t be hit with a download when you log in.

Don’t forget that Titanfall 2 is getting its first free map – Angel City (remastered) – on December 2. If you pre-ordered the game, however, you’ll have access to it on November 28.

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[Source: Titanfall]