Mass Effect Andromeda Video Invites You to Join the Andromeda Initiative

November 1, 2016Written by Alex Co

Excited for Mass Effect Andromeda news? Yeah, you’re not the only one. Thankfully, BioWare seems set to finally give RPG fans what they want, and released a teaser to whet appetites.

In a Mass Effect Andromeda video teaser titled “Join the Andromeda Initiative,” we get to see two characters wearing the franchise’s trademarked N7 armor while looking at Earth from space. Unfortunately, that’s all the info teased so far, but it does state that “orientation” begins November 7, which not coincidentally, is N7 Day.

In related Mass Effect news, the release date for Andromeda seems to have been leaked, and by an art book, no less. You can also watch some Andromeda PS4 Pro gameplay right here. Just remember that you won’t be able to see the snazzy new effects and crisper images in 4K in the video.