Bethesda Discusses How They Handle DLC and Franchises

November 2, 2016Written by Tyler Treese


Bethesda has quickly become one of the most talked about publishers, and while some of that is due to their ridiculous new review policy, most of it can be contributed to the studio putting out some fantastic games. They’ve got so much going on that they’ve been able to put together an E3 press conference for the past two years, and a lot of this growth can be contributed to their VP of marketing Pete Hines, who recently talked to

One of the most interesting parts of the interview was when the topic about how the company handles franchises (as they don’t go the yearly installment route) and when Hines addressed the possibility of Dishonored 2 DLC. Check out that portion below:

I think we try pretty hard, and certainly my focus is always, that you can’t spend any time thinking about your game as a franchise. You have to focus on that one thing. Whether it’s DLC, Dishonored 3 or anything else is completely irrelevant when you’re making Dishonored 2, because if that game isn’t great and you don’t do everything as well as possible none of it is ever going to matter.

This comes up a lot, with people asking, ‘What are your plans for DLC?’ If we don’t do the game well nobody’s going to want any DLC, because we won’t have any players around to buy it. The focus is on making Dishonored 2, and then my team has to do a good job of talking about what these guys are doing so it sells well. Then we move on to what’s next.

It’s certainly a refreshing take to hear from a major publisher, and Bethesda has released some memorable DLC for games like Skyrim and Fallout 3, so the strategy seems to be working out for them. The company’s busy 2016 continues as Dishonored 2 is set to release November 11. It’ll join other 2016 Bethesda titles such as DOOM and Skyrim Special Edition.