Blizzard Announces Overwatch League at BlizzCon

November 4, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

The long awaited announcement of Sombra wasn’t the only exciting Overwatch news today.

At BlizzCon, Activision Blizzard announced that Overwatch League will launch in 2017. As you can see by watching the trailer above, the league will serve as the popular first-person shooter’s own esports ecosystem. The league will feature an entire season of competition and will culminate in the Overwatch League Championship, which Blizzard is calling the “ultimate prize in esports.”

While only time will tell if Overwatch competitive play can be as big as EVO or Dota 2‘s The International, Blizzard is giving out quite a sales pitch. Here’s what the official site says about the upcoming league:

The Overwatch League is on a mission to celebrate fans and afford them opportunities to become champions through a professional esports ecosystem that embraces passion and rewards excellence.

Millions have answered the call to Overwatch, and the excitement of all those scientists, soldiers, adventurers, and oddities led directly to the creation of a new kind of esports program. Teams will have stability, players will have careers, and fans will have a new set of heroes to take them into the future of Overwatch.

While an exact start date isn’t known, the inaugural preseason of Overwatch League will begin sometime in 2017.

Let us know in the comments if you’ll be participating in the Overwatch League or if you’ll be sitting this one out on the sidelines. Is competitive Overwatch even something you would want to watch? Speak out below.

(Source: Activision)