Battlefield 1 Saw the Biggest Launch in DICE History

November 7, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Based on Daily Active Users, Battlefield 1 saw the biggest launch in DICE history, putting it ahead of games like Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 4, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Last week, EA said Battlefield 1’s first week player base was nearly double Battlefield 4’s, but they refrained from giving actual sales numbers.

DICE also revealed some interesting Battlefield 1 players stats from October 18 to October 27:

  • 59 million hours of gameplay
  • 9 million hours spent in Operations
  • 32 million Battlepacks earned
  • 1.6 million Behemoths deployed
  • The Scout Knife racked up the most melee kills
  • Flame Troopers, Anti-Vehicle, and Sentries took out 123,084 horses
  • Conquer Hell was the most popular Operation
  • 842,426 pigeons were sent in War Pigeons mode
  • There’s an average of two weather changes per multiplayer game
  • Roadkills per vehicle type: Horse at 5.8 million, Tanks at 5.5 million, Ground at 1.67 million, Plane at 330,500

In the near future, DICE will release multiple Battlefield 1 updates that add the Fog of War Custom Game, hardcore servers, changes to the Suez map, the Rent-a-Server program, and more. You can also expect Battlefest to kick off on November 16.

[Source: Battlefield]