Mass Effect Andromeda Details Discussed by BioWare in Q&A

November 8, 2016Written by Alex Co


As part of its December cover story on Mass Effect Andromeda, Game Informer has published a video wherein Creative Director Mac Walters to discuss a few things about the upcoming sci-fi RPG.

It’s about six minutes long and is rapid-fire Q&A that talks about the game’s music, protagonists and a whole lot more. If you somehow can’t watch it or want some of the important bits listed, NeoGAF’s shinobi602 listed some of the important details.

Some highlights:

-Ryder twins can be different ethnicities

-Save file transfer to the game after Andromeda “to be determined”

-Mass Effect: Andromeda is not considered the start of a new trilogy

-No original ME trilogy crewmembers in the game

-Character DLC “to be determined”

-There are no Reapers in the game

-You don’t have to fuel up the Tempest

-No communication with the Milky Way galaxy “in this game”

-There is no “precursor” race


-Animating them sex scenes a bit uncomfortable but yea, fun to watch

If you’re a Mass Effect fan, you really ought to watch the video. There’s a lot of stuff asked about the original Mass Effect trilogy that’s nice to know as well.

For more on Andromeda, make sure to check out this gameplay info dump as well as the Collector’s Edition.

[Source: Game Informer via NeoGAF]