Check Out Two of Final Fantasy XV’s Guest Party Members

November 10, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Final Fantasy XV map size

In less than 20 days, gamers will get to finally play Final Fantasy XV, and even more details about Square Enix’s role-playing game are coming out. While it’s known that pretty-boy Noctis is the only playable character in the game, there will be a rotating cast of guest party members. Two new temporary members have been revealed by Japanese magazine Weekly Jump.

The two guest characters are colorfully named Cor Leonis and Iris Amicitia. Not a ton of information is currently available on either of the characters, but we do know a bit about each. Cor is a sword-wielding military type, who is also known as the “Immortal General.” Meanwhile, Iris is the sister of Gladiolus, and carries around a Moogle toy. You can check out a picture of the magazine scan over at Gematsu’s website. It includes two small photos of the characters, and it shows how large the stuffed Moogle toy is.

That’s not all of today’s Final Fantasy XV news, though. Square Enix announced that a new demo will release for the game on November 11, but only in Japan. The demo, called Judgment Disc, will let players start from the very beginning of the game and play the first hour or so of action. The save data won’t carry over, so it’s not like the US players are missing much. Still, eager players can easily make a Japanese PlayStation Network account and download the demo tomorrow.

Does this news make you more excited for Final Fantasy XV to release November 29?

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