Overwatch Update 2.00 Now Available, Is 10.6GB and Adds Sombra (Update)

November 15, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

A 10.61GB download (on PS4), Overwatch update 2.00 is now live on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, adding Sombra.

Blizzard has posted the patch notes for Overwatch update 2.00, revealing that PS4 Pro support is added,

New Hero: Sombra (Offense)

One of the world’s most notorious hackers is stepping out of the shadows: Sombra, a mysterious infiltrator who uses information to control those in power.

Sombra is a master manipulator who can hack her enemies, temporarily blocking their abilities. In addition, she can hack health packs and Torbjörn’s turret, making them useless to her opponents. She uses her fully automatic Machine Pistol to take out her enemies, getting into position using her Thermoptic Camo, which allows her to become invisible and move more quickly for short periods of time. This gives her the ability to slip past enemy defenses undetected, but she’s instantly revealed if she takes damage or attacks an enemy. She also has a Translocator, which can be tossed like a grenade. When it’s activated, Sombra is teleported to its location (even while it’s in flight).

Sombra’s ultimate ability, EMP, discharges electromagnetic energy in a wide radius, hacking anyone caught within range and destroying enemy barriers and shields. To learn more about Sombra, click here.

New Feature: The Arcade

Discover brand new ways to play Overwatch in the Arcade. Choose from a variety of regularly rotating game modes, maps, and rulesets that don’t quite fit into Quick Play or Competitive Play. Whether it’s 1-on-1 duels, 3-vs-3 skirmishes, our alternating selection of brawls, or special rulesets like “no hero switching,” you should have no problem finding a game that fits your mood. Experience is earned just like any other mode, but you can also earn Arcade-specific rewards, like Loot Boxes!

New Arena Map: Ecopoint: Antarctica

Bundle up for a journey to Ecopoint: Antarctica, the former Overwatch installation where climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou was once stationed. While researching severe weather anomalies in the region, the station was hit by an intense polar storm. Running out of options and low on supplies, the team decided to cryogenically freeze themselves until the storm passed. They believed that it would only be for a few months, but Mei awoke nearly a decade later.

Ecopoint: Antarctica is a compact new Arena map that features multiple new game modes, including a 3-vs-3 battle and 1-on-1 duel. Check it out in the Arcade.

Season 3 of Competitive Play

Competitive Play’s second season will end on November 23 at 4PM PDT (November 24 at 0:00 UTC), and the third season will begin on November 30 at 4PM PDT (December 1 at 0:00 UTC). During the week-long off season, you’ll still be able to queue for matches using the Competitive Play ruleset, but your skill rating will not be affected and no Competitive Points will be awarded.

We’ve also made a few adjustments to the skill rating system for season 3. Players will be distributed more broadly across the skill tiers, which means that your season 3 rating will probably be lower than the previous season.


  • [PS4] Added PlayStation 4 Pro support
  • Made a number of data format improvements, which should decrease load times and reduce the game’s storage space requirements
  • Quick Play matches are now restricted to one of each hero per team

Made several adjustments to the amount of experience needed to level:

  • The amount of experience needed to reach levels 2 through 13 remains unchanged
  • The amount of experience needed to reach levels 14 through 100 has been slightly reduced
  • The amount of experience needed to reach levels after 100 is now constant (20,000 XP) and will no longer reset after each promotion


  • The number of observer slots in Custom Games has been increased from 6 to 12

Hero Balance Changes


  • Dealing damage to things other than players (like Torbjörn’s turret or Symmetra’s teleporter) no longer charges ultimate abilities
  • Ultimate costs have been increased by 25% for all heroes


  • Nano Boost: No longer increases move speed


  • Call Mech: Ultimate cost has been decreased by 20%
  • Mech health increased to 200 (formerly 100). Armor remains at 400
  • Movement speed while firing has been increased by 25%


  • Amp It Up: Healing per second has been decreased by 10%


  • Blizzard: Ultimate cost has been increased by 15%


  • Passive health regeneration now activates when Mercy avoids taking damage for 1 second (formerly 3 seconds)


  • Rocket Launcher: Minimum explosion damage has been increased by 13%; Minimum explosion knockback has been decreased to 0%
  • Jump Jets: Lift increased by 35%

Soldier: 76

  • Pulse Rifle: Bullet damage increased from 17 to 20; Maximum bullet spread increased from 2.2 to 2.4


  • Scrap is now automatically generated over time
  • The amount of scrap collected from a fallen enemy has been decreased by 40%
  • Forge Hammer: Swing speed increased by 25%; Damage decreased by 27%


  • Venom Mine: Explosion no longer damages the player who placed the mine
  • Widow’s Kiss: Charge rate increased by 20%


  • Particle Barrier: Power gained from barriers decreased by 20%
  • Projected Barrier: Power gained from barriers decreased by 20%

User Interface Updates


  • Loading screen now displays the name of the chosen game mode when playing in the Arcade

To read developer comments on many of the changes, and to see the bug fixes, head over to the Overwatch Forums.

If you haven’t picked up Overwatch yet, don’t forget that the next free weekend starts on November 18.

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