Performance Issues Rear Their Head on PS4 Pro Version of Watch Dogs 2

November 15, 2016Written by Michael Briers

Watch Dogs 2 info

During a thorough analysis carried out by Digital Foundry, a series of performance issues reared their head on the PS4 Pro version of Watch Dogs 2.

Though Ubisoft’s sequel is able to achieve a “crisp 1800p image” on the hardware refresh, the outlet reveals that frame-rate nosedives during select portions of Watch Dogs 2. By comparison, the standard PS4 is able to maintain a stable 30fps. Check out an extract from Digital Foundry’s report, below.

For the majority of gameplay, the game hits its 30fps cap and delivers a crisp 1800p image, achieved via checkerboard upscaling and delivering excellent image quality. However, what’s clear is that stability in performance is an issue, with the game tearing and dropping frames sporadically during city traversal, while the base PS4 game runs without issue. Police pursuits ramp up transparent alpha effects which clearly exacerbate the problem – surrounded by squad cars with a helicopter search light illuminating the scene, Pro drops frames badly and introduces screen-tear when, once again, the standard PS4 retains its 30fps cap.

Elsewhere, it seems that Ubisoft has rolled out some additional Watch Dogs 2 content that isn’t included in the game’s Season Pass. It’s mostly cosmetic items, and a PlayStation Store listing reveals that the Watch Dogs 2 Ultimate Pack ($19.99) bundles together a “huge array of customization packs with unique clothing to mix and match, and skins for vehicles, weapons, and rc devices.” Those packs can be purchased individually, too, and will run you $6.99 a pop.

Watch Dogs 2 is available from today, November 15, and even includes a very meta teaser for a new Ubisoft game known as Pioneer.

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