Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.03 Now Out, Seamless Multiplayer Still Unavailable

November 15, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

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A 216MB download, Watch Dogs 2 update 1.03 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Ubisoft hasn’t given any patch notes. It’s possible update 1.03 fixed a game-breaking bug experienced by Game Informer, which sees apps from Marcus’s smartphone disappear completely, leaving the player unable to progress through a main mission. Ubisoft responded on Monday by saying the bug is “extremely rare” and a patch will hopefully be issued this week.

What we do know isn’t included in the update is the fix for seamless multiplayer, as Ubisoft has confirmed that it’s still unavailable:

With this exciting launch period, we wanted to take some time and explain a situation we’re currently facing with the game that will affect your online gameplay experience. During the pre-launch phase of Watch Dogs 2, we were disappointed to discover an issue tied to the seamless multiplayer feature that caused the game to lag and crash periodically.

In order to eliminate this issue at launch, we have decided to wait to launch the seamless multiplayer feature until this issue can be fixed, and to make sure it doesn’t impact the core gameplay experience. Through our testing, we’ve found that players encountering seamless online are also affected by this lag issue, hence our need to temporarily shut down seamless multiplayer for all. The Watch Dogs 2 development team’s priority is working on fixing this issue.

You can still play the full single-player campaign normally, and co-op can be accessed by inviting friends through the game menu.

Yesterday, Ubisoft confirmed that the patch to fix the seamless multiplayer issues is in certification with Sony and Microsoft, but they didn’t say when it will be available.

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