Gearbox Is Teasing an Announcement for the Game Awards 2016

November 24, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


The Game Awards 2016 takes place in one week on Thursday, December 1. We’ve already heard that Mass Effect Andromeda and The Walking Dead: A New Frontier will be getting world premieres at the event, and it looks like something from Gearbox will also be announced.

After tweeting that “Gearbox just got a rage mail from a customer who seems to be very upset about issues with ranked games in Gears of War,” company President Randy Pitchford received a tweet from a fan that said, “A Duke Nukem/Gears of War crossover would be pretty badass…. Was the email from the future?” In response, Pitchford replied:

The most likely announcement Gearbox has for The Game Awards is the Bullestorm remaster, which was rated for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in September.

In other The Game Awards news, Wario64 is reporting that there will be around 10 world premieres at this year’s event, and a couple of them are surprises. As for the nominees sale, it starts next week and will reportedly discount around 60 nominated games on the PlayStation Store.

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