Rainbow Six Siege Year Two Details Coming Very Soon

November 24, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

Rainbow Six Siege support

Ubisoft has told PCGamesN that it’ll be revealing details on Rainbow Six Siege‘s year two before the end of 2016. When pressed for specifics, VP of live operations Anne Blondel declined to comment but did say:

I don’t want to spoil, [the team] are really looking forward to revealing to the community. What I can say is Season 4 came out last weekend, patch 5.1 is [out now too] and we’ll be announcing much more about year two in the weeks to come, but I would hate to spoil what they have in store for the game.

Rainbow Six Siege‘s year one Season Pass comes to an end on December 1. If you want to get all of the exclusive skins, headgear, and charms alongside access to all operators released in Seasons One to Four, now is your chance to grab the content. Operators include: Buck, Frost, Valkyrie, Blackbeard, Capitao, Caveira, Hibana and Echo.

[Source: PCGamesN]