The Tomorrow Children The App Now Available on iOS & Android

November 27, 2016Written by Tyler Treese


Q-Games’ free-to-play cooperation game The Tomorrow Children has a lot of interesting ideas in it, and now players can take a slice of it on the go with them. The developer has released The Tomorrow Children The App on iOS and Android, a free companion application that allows players to help their comrades while on their daily commute.

The mobile app focuses on the crafting puzzles that are found on the PS4 exclusive, and features two separate modes. The first is Craft Puzzle, which allows players to solve the game’s puzzles without any time limit. Q-Games explains that the mode is “good for conquering the puzzle that’s been giving you trouble.” The other mode is Time Attack, where players try to solve puzzles while racing against the clock and can help out their virtual towns.

For more on The Tomorrow Children, check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s review. Here’s what PlayStation LifeStyle’s D’yani Wood had to say about Q-Games’ town-building game:

The game makes you figure out the ins and outs of the economy by yourself, which sometimes also bleeds into making you figure out the game mechanics themselves. While it can be fun to feel independent and find your own way, it is not fun, for example, to see other players handily kick resources towards the bus stop and wonder what button that you haven’t already pressed is the kick button.

Toiling away from dusk to the next dusk was extremely enjoyable for many more hours than even I expected, even when it seemed I had done the same thing ten times before. I am patiently awaiting new features and updates to fill the enticing holes I can spot while upgrading a town, and I understand this is the development path that was chosen. The game will only get better, and it’s already a feat of unique gameplay coupled with charming visuals and a sense that glory will come to the comrades that work the hardest!

(Source: iTunes, Google Play)