Battlefield 1 Fall Update Made No PS4 Pro-Specific Changes, According to DICE

November 29, 2016Written by Michael Briers

Battlefield 1 08 555x328

Contrary to previous reports, the Fall Update for Battlefield 1 had no bearing on the PS4 Pro version of DICE’s WWI shooter.

That’s according to Development Director and Producer Nils Hallberg, who posted a message to the Battlefield Forums in an attempt to clarify the situation. In a separate Tweet, Hallberg also noted that the investigation into the game’s technical issues is ongoing, and asked fans to await further updates on that front. On the topic of PS4 Pro-specific hiccups, the dev stressed that the recent Fall Update made no changes that would in any way affect performance on Sony’s flagship hardware.

“We are constantly reproducing any issues highlighted by our Battlefield community with identical setups here at DICE in order to legitimize them and then identify how best to fix them, including any related to the recent Battlefield 1 Fall Update. We did want to confirm that there were no changes incorporated that are specific to the PS4 Pro.”

Irrespective of what system you’re playing on, have you encountered any specific issues in Battlefield 1?

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