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Top 5 No Man’s Sky New Features in the Foundation Update

November 29, 2016Written by Alex Co

While we liked what we played of Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, a lot of gamers have expressed regret and disappointment in the highly ambitious exploration game. Without going into too much specifics, there was a little bit of drama, apparent hacking and so on.

In case you didn’t know, Hello Games has rolled out a rather chunky new update for No Man’s Sky called the “Foundation Update,” which introduces a few new things to the game. If you haven’t played No Man’s Sky in a while, or have yet to play it at all, we’re here to guide you to the new things you can try in No Man’s Sky in our latest Top 5 Tuesday video.

Have you tried No Man’s Sky‘s new update yet? What do you like about it and what should Hello Games implement in the next major update?

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