Analysis: Final Fantasy XV Experiences Frame-Pacing Issues on PS4, PS4 Pro

November 30, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

As part of their Final Fantasy XV performance analysis (using version 1.02), Digital Foundry discovered that it’s able to hit a sustained 30 frames-per-second, but there are frame-pacing issues on PlayStation 4 – and they’re more intrusive than what was seen in Bloodborne and Dark Souls III.

Acknowledging that some people may not be bothered by frame-pacing issues at all, Digital Foundry says, “The end result is that you get a jittery presentation that actually looks like a lower frame-rate presentation. Frames should arrive paced at clean 33ms intervals, but instead they persist for 16ms, 33ms or even 50ms.”

The Xbox One version of Final Fantasy XV is “completely unaffected” by the frame-pacing issues, and playing FFXV on PS4 Pro in the ‘lite’ display mode (1080p/30fps) results in only minor stutter, and that’s mostly just in the cutscenes. However, if you run FFXV at 1800p on PS4 Pro with improved texture filtering and shadows, the frame-pacing problems return.

As Digital Foundry adds, Square Enix is currently working on an update that could bring performance improvements and a 1080p/60fps mode to PS4 Pro owners:

We know that the developer is far from finished with the title – PlayStation 4 is set to receive further upgrades, for example, with the team shooting for a 1080p60 mode. So with that in mind, we hope that the relatively simple matter of fixing incorrect frame delivery makes it onto Square-Enix’s to-do list. It’s not like there isn’t precedent here – the likes of Need for Speed Rivals, Destiny, and most recently Mafia III have all received frame-pacing fixes in the wake of Digital Foundry coverage. It’s the final visual flourish required to make a beautiful game look that much smoother.

All in all, Digital Foundry says the PS4 Pro’s lite mode is “far and away the most consistent option.”

You can see a comparison of Final Fantasy XV on PS4 and PS4 Pro in the above video.

What do you think of Final Fantasy XV’s performance?

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