Eagle Flight’s Latest Update Adds Cross-Play Multiplayer

December 1, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

eagle flight psvr

Ubisoft has put out an update for their PlayStation VR launch window title Eagle Flight, and it brings with it cross-play. That means that PlayStation 4 owners can now play the game’s multiplayer against Oculus Rift owners. On top of that, they will also be able to play with HTC Vive owners once the Vive version of the flying game is released on December 20.

Here’s the full patch notes from the Ubisoft forums:

[ADDED] MULTIPLAYER – Regions are now collapsible, so regions with fewer players can be merged as needed

[FIXED] GENERAL PC – Allow input and sound when Eagle Flight’s window is not in focus

[FIXED] GENERAL PS4 – “Far Cry” trophy description now displays correctly

[FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Proper reconnection to servers in the event of network interruption

[FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – SFX for flapping wings no longer loop between multiplayer matches

[FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Prey no longer occasionally plays ‘falling’ animation when on the ground

[FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Tweaked spawn distances

[FIXED] MULTIPLAYER – Players can no longer switch teams in the final 10 seconds before a match begins

[FIXED] SINGLE-PLAYER – Black falcon is now always vulnerable to player attacks in Mission 23

[FIXED] SINGLE-PLAYER – Server disconnects will no longer result in the possibility of save game loss

[FIXED] SINGLE-PLAYER – Improved handling of corrupted ghost data and leaderboards

Adding in cross-play is a great move since virtual reality isn’t in a huge number of households yet, and the player base is divided into three main headsets at the moment. Allowing Vive, Oculus and PSVR owners to play together makes it much easier to find a match, and it’s something EVE: Valkyrie has done as well. This will probably have to be done until the VR audience grows.

It should be noted, however, that players will have to toggle cross-play on in the options.

(Source: Ubisoft)