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PlayStation Experience 2016 Press Conference Livestream – Prepare for Megatons

December 3, 2016Written by Alex Co

Here we are, folks! In just a few short minutes, Sony’s last PlayStation press conference will start at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET and bring with it, a slew of new announcements and a peek at the future of the PlayStation platform.

While we already posted what we think will be there, there’s bound to be a surprise or two that we don’t know about. If you’re not at this year’s PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, CA, then watching it here on PlayStation LifeStyle is the next best thing! Not only will you watch it live as it unfolds, but you’ll also get to interact with the staff and the PSLS readers in the comments. And of course, you’ll get to read all the latest news as it happens, since we’ll be posting news all throughout the day.

Same as before, PSLS has a team on the show floor and are set to tackle a slew of appointments. So expect previews and more in the coming days once the event’s over.

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What are you expecting to see from Sony’s PlayStation Showcase press conference? Let us know what you want us to cover at the show floor and your thoughts in the comments.