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PSX 2016 – Here’s a Trailer for Supergiant Games’ Pyre

December 3, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan


More details about Pyre have been released on the PS Blog, the highlights from which you can find below:

Pyre is a party-based RPG that will have a two-player head-to-head Versus Mode in it, in addition to the single-player campaign. Think of the multiplayer as a bonus on top of the single-player.

The ritual competitions in Pyre play out like a one-on-one competitive action game. The object is to extinguish your opponent’s ceremonial flame, by grasping an object called the Celestial Orb then diving into the flames with it, or simply throwing it in.

Our Versus Mode pits you and your opponent against each other on the same PS4 in local head-to-head competition. This arcade-style experience is well suited to Pyre’s gameplay, and ever since Bastion we’ve wanted to make a game you could play with a friend in the same space.

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Original story:

Here’s a new trailer for Supergiant Games’ Pyre for the PlayStation 4.