Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Quartermaster New Weapons, Camos & Taunts Roll Out

December 6, 2016Written by Alex Co

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Review 4

Those who can’t get enough progression and unlockables in their multiplayer shooters will find another set of new stuff to collect in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Announced via the official Call of Duty Twitter, a video shows the Infinite Warfare Quartermaster showcasing new weapons, taunts and cosmetic stuff that can be obtained via Supply Drops or by crafting.

There are 12 new weapons, 18 new camos and five new taunts. Below is a list of the weapons.

  • EBR-800 Bomber
  • Type 2 Atomic
  • DCM-8 Epitaph
  • R3K – Spearhead
  • Mauler – Grizzly
  • Titan – Vile
  • KBS Longbow – Affliction
  • Banshee – Slither
  • Rack-9 – Volatile
  • EMC – Heavy Weight
  • Oni – Amped
  • Hailstorm – Thunder

Hopefully, RNG rolls in your favor if you’re trying to get the weapons. Or you can craft them if you’re not that lucky. Have you tried the new weapons? Are any of them overpowered? You can check out the latest Infinite Warfare title update and its patch notes here.

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