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Editor’s Letter – It’s Time for PlayStation LifeStyle’s “Best Of” Awards!

December 8, 2016Written by Alex Co

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I know it’s been quite a while since I last wrote an Editor’s Letter post to our readers, but I figured, this is a good a time as any. As stated in this post’s headline, PlayStation LifeStyle is starting our annual “Best Of” game awards today, which will culminate with our Game of the Year pick for 2016!

Same as last year’s — which you can read about and recap right here — we’ll be giving out our picks for the best game for each specific genre, as well as our top pick for PlayStation VR, biggest disappointment and a lot more.

Keep in mind that our winners and picks are chosen based on review scores, and decided on by the entire staff. So don’t blame me if the game you think should have won a category didn’t win, or wasn’t even nominated.

We’ll be running an award (or two) each day untl December 23, which is when our pick for 2016’s Game of the Year gets unveiled. Those who can’t keep tabs on the awards being given out, we’ll be doing a recap post and video as we’re nearer to the big day.

I look forward what our vocal readership thinks of our picks. If you have complaints, suggestions or just want to touch base, feel free to email or tweet me.