For Honor Closed Beta Begins in January 2017, New Story Trailer Revealed

December 14, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

The For Honor Closed Beta will take place in January 2017, Ubisoft announced today. You can sign up for the Closed Beta over here, but you’ll need to have a UPlay account.

In the Beta, you’ll be able to “step onto the war-torn lands of Ashfeld, Valkenheim and Myre with brand new multiplayer experiences that showcase the age old war between Vikings, Samurai, and Knights.”

Additionally, Ubisoft will launch War of the Factions when the Closed Beta begins. This pre-launch limited event will track all multiplayer activity across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC during the Closed Beta, giving rewards to all warriors participating in the beta as well as the winning faction.

When For Honor launches on February 14, 2017, you’ll be able to choose from a cast of 12 unique heroes across the three Factions. In three new videos today, Ubisoft showcased two new Heavy heroes, the Samurai Shugoki and the Viking Warlord, and a new Assassin, the Knight Peacekeeper:

To learn why the heroes have gone to war with one another, check out the above campaign trailer, which features Apollyon, the main antagonist of For Honor, who aims to incite war amongst all of the factions.

Finally, Ubisoft debuted the brand-new Faction War metagame, which is a persistent cross-platform conflict between the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. You start by pledging your sword to the faction of your choice, and then every multiplayer battle in For Honor impacts the world as player earn War Assets based on their personal performance. These War Assets can then be used and spent to help players conquer and defend territories.

“Every match makes a difference as all players contribute to the glory of their faction during each 10-week competitive multiplayer season,” Ubisoft adds. “Once the season ends, all For Honor players will receive rewards based on the rank of their faction. At the end of each season the Faction War resets and resumes after an off-season period.”

As Ubisoft confirmed this weekFor Honor requires a persistent online connection.