Sega’s Latest Annual Report Reveals Persona & Sonic Franchise Sales

December 14, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Persona 5 555x328

Sega Sammy just released a 146-page annual report, and it features a lot of interesting details, including the total sales numbers for Sega and Atlus’ biggest series. For example, the Persona series has sold approximately 6.9 million units in 12 editions (which includes physical and digital sales). Other series of note include Ryu ga Gotoku (known as Yakuza in North America) coming in at 9.3 million, and Sonic the Hedgehog reaching the milestone of 350 million units sold.

Also included is a detailed summary of the company’s growth strategies. This is split into three separate areas: digital game area, packaged software, and amusement machine sales. This can be fully found on page 63 of the report, but here’s a snippet from the section on packaged software that touches on PC gaming:


  • The penetration of the current generation of home video game consoles is increasing.
  • Ultra-large game publishers are establishing an oligopoly.
  • The PC game market is growing steadily

Current Measures:

  • Increasing the unit sales of mainstay titles
  • Concentrating on PC games, particularly among overseas Group companies

Expected Benefits:

  • • Acquisition of stable revenue and expansion of PC games

You can check out the full report for yourself over at Sega Sammy’s website, although please be warned that there is a lot of pachinko talk. In fact, there are 381 separate mentions of the “amusement machine,” and like other Japanese gaming companies, it seemingly is a large part of Sega’s future. Thankfully, unlike Konami, Sega are not showing any signs of getting out of gaming anytime soon.

(Source: Sega Sammy Holdings via NeoGAF)