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Crytek Reportedly Pays Out Pending Salaries

December 18, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

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With Crytek running into financial troubles once again recently, there was a lot of speculation about the Crysis developer’s future. Several employees took to sites like Reddit out of frustration, claiming that they hadn’t been paid for months and that Crytek’s management has failed to communicate with them.

Now, a source at the company who has not been named has told Kotaku that the Frankfurt studio has finally been paid missing salaries for the month of October, with the promise that November salaries will be dispensed this week. If the report is true, then it might explain the closure of a recent Gofundme campaign set up by an ex-Crytek employee who turned to crowdfunding for help in taking legal action against the studio. The FX artist, Ludvig Lindqvist, is also based in Frankfurt.

Whatever the case, we hope this is true and that people have been paid before the holidays. As for Crytek, it remains to be seen how well the studio performs going forward.

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