God of War’s E3 Reveal is PlayStation’s Most Viewed Trailer

December 21, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

It seems like the bold new direction for the God of War series is paying off, as the PS4 entry in Sony’s long-running series has garnered more attention than previous titles. The action game’s E3 2016 gameplay trailer has now amassed over 14 million views (that’s 14,402,251 at the time of writing to be exact). It also has a positive reception amassing over 278,000 likes and less than 9,000 dislikes.

The 10 minute-long video kicked off Sony’s E3 2016 press conference with a bang, and was accompanied by a live orchestral score. It showed Kratos sporting a new look (and a pretty awesome beard) as he was teaching his son how to survive. Everything from the look to the combat has been updated from previous offerings, and it looks like Sony Santa Monica will be offering gamers something fresh when the game releases exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Those 14 million views make it the most viewed gameplay trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel, as it has surpassed the Final Fantasy VII remake from a year ago. It’s not the most viewed video on the account, though, as the PlayStation 4’s official trailer reached 32 million views, and Sony’s hilarious “used game instructional video” managed to go viral and hit 15 million views.

The number is really impressive, but it’s worth noting that there are actually more views for the trailer overall as it’s uploaded on other channels as well. After a quick estimate, I counted over 30 million views overall for the gameplay demonstration. Making it even more impressive, is that the video hasn’t been used as an advertisement so the views aren’t inflated due to marketing.

(Source: YouTube via NeoGAF)