The Last Guardian Update 1.03 Is 167MB, Includes Improvements & Fixes

December 21, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

The Last Guardian 01 555x328

A 167MB download, The Last Guardian update 1.03 is now available on PlayStation 4. According to players, the PS4’s Update History just shows the same patch notes as the previous updates: “Various other improvements and fixes have also been made.”

Although the patch notes are vague, Reddit user LackOfLogic says, “The Last Guardian update seems to have removed those annoying button prompts.” They followed up that statement by adding, “Confirmed – after approaching the barrels the ‘pick up’ button prompts are no longer present, and all the other prompts seem to be gone now.”

Another Reddit user, melodyinthemist, thinks the camera deadzone has been tightened up, and the frame-rate might even be smoother.

Sony hasn’t confirmed any of these reported changes yet.

If you’re having trouble with The Call of Nature Trophy in The Last Guardian, this video gives you an idea of what to look out for:

Did you notice any other changes in today’s update?

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