God of War Game Director Has Finished the First Full Play Through

December 22, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Taking to his Twitter account late yesterday, God of War Game Director Cory Barlog revealed that he just finished the first full play through with the leads – which is likely the deadline he was referencing earlier this month:

As for the previous tease that he’d show something cool if the God of War trailer reached 15 million views (it’s well over 14 million right now), Barlog tempered expectations. “Yeah, definitely don’t get too hyped about it,” he said. “I said I would do something cool, but don’t expect too much!”

When someone brought up the fact that they almost cried when Kratos appeared in the announcement trailer, Barlog replied, “Me too. I almost cried when I heard the audience reaction.”

Earlier this month, God of War super fan Emmanuel Mojica Rosas was invited to Sony Santa Monica to play the new game. Beginning at 9:40 of the above video, he takes an alternate route than what was shown in the demo. As Barlog confirmed, “Yup. Showed him an alternate path. He got to play a little too. First person from outside the studio to get to play it.”

Barlog also responded to someone earlier this month who was worried about the lack of communication. “Nothing to worry about,” he said. “Dev teams always need people, games are big and complicated. It’s going well, just incredibly hectic.”

God of War is currently in development for PlayStation 4. Sony hasn’t given a release window yet.

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