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Now Loading…What Will You Be Playing This Christmas Weekend?

December 23, 2016Written by Alex Co


In just a few short days, Christmas will finally sweep in and bring with it, a ton of food, presents, family members, and possibly the best one of all, lots of free time that you can spend any which way you like.

While some of us here on PlayStation LifeStyle do get paid to play games or write about gaming news, finding the time to actually play the games we want to play (as opposed as need to play) is surprisingly scarce. However, with the Christmas holidays coming in, we’ll get some free time to do some gaming and maybe spend some time with the family. Just what games will the staff members be playing this Christmas? Read on.

What’s your gaming schedule for this holiday weekend? Will you be clearing your backlog, jumping on to play some multiplayer or no gaming at all and spending some quality time with friends and family? Whichever way you’ll be spending it, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle wish everyone a fantastic Christmas!

Don’t forget, we’ll still be updating all next week with end-of-year specials, news and more! So make sure to check the site even leading up to New Year’s.

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