Overwatch Rewards Players With Free Loot Boxes to Celebrate a Successful Year

December 25, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

Overwatch Competitive Play

Whether you enjoyed it or not, there’s no doubt that Blizzard’s Overwatch has had an incredibly successful year. We’re not simply referring to the positive reviews or all the awards the title has won either. Sales figures and player numbers shared since release speak for themselves, too. As a thank you to fans, the developer handed out five free loot boxes to players who logged in yesterday, according to Game Informer who shared the following message that they were greeted with upon logging in:


It has truly been an eventful and amazin year, and we wanted to take a moment to thank you for being a part of it. We could not have done this without the tremendous support, passion, and enthusiasm that you’ve shown for Overwatch.

From the entire Blizzard team, we wish you and yours the very best and look forward to spending an exciting 2017 with you!

We’re not sure how long the loot boxes are being rewarded for and if it’s still happening today but if you haven’t already, it’s probably worth logging in just to check.

Have any of our readers received some?

[Source: Game Informer]