Project CARS 2 Has Entered QA, Could Be Released in “Septemberish”

January 5, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Announced last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Project CARS 2 could be available in September, developer Slightly Mad Studios has revealed.

On the Project CARS forums, Studio Head Ian Bell said, “We’ve started [quality assurance] already. We plan at least 7 months of QA for polishing and bug fixing.” When someone guessed a summer release for Project CARS 2, Bell replied, “It’s still a very tight run as we’re a bit behind on GUI and Career so nothing is set in stone yet. Current guess is Septemberish.”

Bell also offered up these Project CARS 2 details:

We have rewritten the rendering system. We have added multiple newly written and very important modules to the physics, drivetrain, differential and tyre modelling systems. The FFB system is now much more intuitive and comes with presets. The handling is transformed, in a very very good way. I’m biased I know but right now in the latest build I have, those cars that have all of the new systems in place have raised the bar for simulation… and this is before they are polished. But I can’t say anything specific as we’ll start the hype train soon.

OK it’s Christmas. None of the famous brands are missing this time.

The Project CARS Twitter account adds, “We’ll be revealing details on Project CARS 2 soon, stay tuned.”

Project CARS 2 will include the “largest track roster ever” (200+), dynamic time of day and weather, over 200 cars, a co-op career, and more.

Project CARS 2 can be backed for as little as £50, but you’ll need a PC to access the in-development builds.

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