GDC Survey: 27% of Developers Are Working on a PS4 Game

January 12, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


After surveying more than 4,500 developers in November and December, the Game Developers Conference’s fifth annual State of the Industry Survey reveals that 53% of game makers are currently developing a game for PC/Mac. 38% said smartphones/tablets, 27% said PlayStation 4/PS4 Pro, 24% said VR headsets, and 22% said Xbox One/Scorpio.

Some of the least popular platforms were Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch (3% each), PS3, PS Vita, and Wii U (2% each), and Nintendo 3DS, DS, Wii,, and PSP (less than 1% each).

The survey also shows that 18% of respondents thought mid-cycle console refreshes (PlayStation 4 Pro and Project Scorpio) were good for the industry. 41% were undecided, 36% were neutral on the subject, and 5% said it was a negative development.

One developer who responded to the survey said the added performance boost in these consoles is a good thing, but they don’t want to see yearly refreshes:

The consoles did need reinvigoration due to their low performing specs compared to what PCs were capable of at launch. Although, I do not want the markets to be divided. I also do not want the eventuality of a yearly release of a new console as I believe this could damage the console market severely.

Another developer said:

Consoles have benefited from being fixed platforms, single specs to focus on. This mid-cycle ‘refresh’ breaks that benefit. Developers will now either need to build two games, release a lowest common denominator on the more powerful platform, or release a compromised version on the lower-powered platform.

Looking at virtual reality, 61% of those surveyed are not currently involved in developing VR games, while 24% are currently working on a game for HTC Vive, 23% are working on a game for Oculus Rift, and 13% are working on a game for PlayStation VR. In last year’s survey, Oculus Rift was at 19%, and HTC Vive and PSVR were tied at 6% each.

Asking those surveyed which VR/AR platform they expected their next game (the one after the one they’re currently working on right now) to ship on, 40% said HTC Vive, 37% said Oculus Rift, and 26% said PSVR.

11% of the 4,500 developers surveyed said their next game would be exclusive to one VR/AR platform. Of those 11%, 33% are working on an exclusive game for the HTC Vive, followed by Oculus Rift at 24%, and PSVR at 15%.

Finally, when asked which VR/AR platforms are most interesting to them as developers, 45% said Vive, 30% said Oculus Rift, 29% said PSVR (up from 26% last year), and 24% said Microsof’ts HoloLens.

One reason why 61% of developers aren’t working on a VR game right now could be due to discomfort or motion sickness. 9% said they always have problems with VR, while 43% said they have difficulty some of the time. Only 17% said they never have issues with VR.

What do you think of the survey results?

[Source: GDC, Games Industry]